Podcast #297: 10 Steps To Make Today Great

Today at 5:30am, I was awoken with the calling to get up and go write these 10 Steps to Make Today Great. After I tried fighting this urge to get a little more of sleep only to realize I couldn’t turn it down, here’s what was written:

In order to Make Today Great, it all begins with waking from a life of default and choosing to take control of your power of choice. Allow others to drift through life, but not you. Take control of your day and Choose to Make Today Great!

10 Steps to Make Today Great: 

  1. Gratitude
    • Today is called the present because it is a gift from God. I accept this gift and responsibility and will choose to be a non-drifter as a Captain of my ship of life, steering it in the directions of my choosing, and focusing on my desired & ideal outcomes.
  2. Growth
    • Today I intend on growing my: Health (mental, physical, emotional & spiritual) by choosing to move more, listening to inspirational, motivational, and educational audios (by Audible, YouTube, Podcasts, etc), and getting into a state of flow, knowing that what I focus my mind on most, becomes my reality.
    • Today I intend on growing my Relationships (personally, professionally, and socially) by choosing to be present in each and every conversation that I choose to enter (either face to face, online, or via technology). I also intend on being clear who my people are, and ensuring I give them the proper attention so they know that they are important to me. My primary relationship is the one with me and my self. I choose to forgive my self of any and all wrong doings of my past from decades ago to seconds ago, and choose to be my very best this day. Then I also choose to forgive all who I feel have wronged me, whether that was  decades or seconds ago.
    • Today I intend on growing my financial situation (Today Money, Tomorrow Money, and Contribution) by putting my best into each work activity I am a part of regardless of what role or task it is I am choosing to partake in. I will take steps to ensure I am maximizing my immediate return on my investment of time, energy & resources to it can provide me the best lifestyle possible this month (Today Money) which includes paying all the bills due, and providing me with ample and sufficient resources to enjoy my lifestyle and have fun. I also commit to putting time, energy and resources into projects that are solving larger issues and needs that have the highest probability to have large rewards for me and others in the future (Tomorrow Money). I also commit to being in the flow and noticing when and where I can contribute my time, energy, and resources to assist others on this journey of life.
  3. Movement & Nutrition
    • A body in motion stays in motion, and a body at rest stays at rest. I choose to stay in motion and move my body in a way that suits my abilities, whether that is a walk, a jog, or a workout. I also choose to stay well hydrated, stay away from liquid devils (drinks with calories), and only ingest healthy foods into my body. I choose to love & respect my body giving it the proper treatment a Billion Dollar car would receive, as it is my Billion Dollar Miracle transportation on this journey of life. I will choose to drive it hard to it’s limits, and treat it with love respect all at the same time.
  4. Listen, Read, Write
    • Today I choose to schedule time by myself with no distractions to read & listen to inspirational, motivational, and educational materials. I also choose to take time to write in a journal (and learn how to do it, if not sure how) to document conversations with myself. I will choose to not let the news & media distract me.
  5. Energy Management
    • Everything that comes into the presence of my senses is either improving or decreasing my energy & vibrational state (consciously & subconsciously). I choose to surround myself with people, things, noises, and visuals that raise my energy not decrease it. I follow my inner guide and intuition to steer me towards good people, environments, activities, etc. When I feel my energy is “off,” I choose to remove myself from those settings and find people and places that feel better. I choose to listen to audios and read materials that uplift me versus the 24 hour news channels which have ulterior motives than spreading the truth. NEWS = Negative Energy Without Substance.
  6. Resign as Director of the Universe
    • Just as my body has billions of cells in it that each serve a purpose, and as I write/read this my mind spends zero attention on any of my organs or cellular activity, even though there are likely white blood cells taking over cells that are enemies to my body somewhere at this very moment, this is the same for humanity. My role is one in billions in this body of humanity and I choose to do the very best that I can using my God given talents, skills, abilities, and wherewithal. Others roles are theirs to do, and I have no control over them. Just as all in my body works without me thinking on it, and if I did worry about it, it would actually be detrimental to my health and the cells that were meant to protect me, know that all in this world works similarly (to include personal labels of: good, bad, ugly, against my personal beliefs of how it should be). It all works!
  7. Accept this is a loving & ever expanding Universe
    • If you view the world as cold, callous, and uncaring that is how you feel and experience it. If you view the world as loving, caring and compassionate, that is what you will experience. It is all in your perspective.
    • The one thing you can expect in this world as a constant is change. Choose to learn how to embrace and benefit from it, versus being crushed by it.
  8. Choose to control what I can control
    • The only thing I can control in this life are my thoughts, words, actions, and emotions. In choosing to take control of each of them I am exactly where I am NOW reading this as what I have previously thought, said, done, and felt up to this moment and will be in 1 year from now exactly where I will be based upon my choice of thoughts, words, actions, and emotions today and the tomorrows leading up to it. The magic lies in the fact that we become what we focus on most. If that is true, I choose to get clear today on what I want for my life in my ideal scenarios (Health, Relationships, Finances, Experiences, etc) and focus on those most of the time. What do I need to think, say, do, and feel today that will move me one step closer to each of those ideal outcomes.
  9. Choose love (of self & others)
    • Happiness today lies in my choice to love my self, those close to me, those I pass on the street, and especially those who may not like me. When you love those who love you, that is simple. When you choose to love those you don’t agree with, or those who despise or hate you, that is the place of true peace. Be loving today to yourself and to those who interact with you, regardless if they show love back or not. Be love!
  10. Choose patience
    • Regardless of how long I live, this journey is brief. Make the absolute most of each and every moment. Do your very best to get clear on what you want then to control your thoughts, words, actions, and emotions step by step on your journey towards what you want, using your discernment about the best course to attain it, but do not fret over how long or when you reach the summit. Enjoy the journey, each and every step! You can’t make a seed that was planted grow any faster by being impatient. You care for it to the best of your ability each and every day and it will sprout. You can’t rush a pregnancy. It takes nine months, most all of the time, regardless of your impatience, and if it were to be early it comes with it’s own host of issues, problems, and concerns. One step and one day at a time with proper focus on your thoughts, words, actions, and emotions, enjoying every step along the way, it will come to pass, exactly as it needs to, in it’s due time.

My hope is these 10 steps will assist you in choosing to “Make Today Great!” today and every day on this brief & exciting journey we call life.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

NOTE: I, and other readers, want to hear from YOU (yes, YOU, reading this right now)! What is missing? How do you “Make Today Great!” Post your ways, feedback, and steps below as a comment. Your comment and insights can and will greatly & positively impact my and others lives. Thank you in advance!