Podcast #272: 7 Day Fast With Zero Food

Tom Beal shares the story of how the spontaneous fast came to be, as well as how he feels, lessons he’s learned, and more.

If you’ve ever thought about fasting this may be a helpful video to watch. Remember, as you see him in this video, he has still not eaten anything in 7 days, as he recorded this the following Friday.

He’s been feeling amazing, sleeping well, working with laser focus, never felt hungry or in any pain whatsoever, and has a sense of inner peace that is incredible.

You’ll hear the self discovery he went on this week as well from walking, reading, listening, swimming and praying.

As promised in the video, here is information on Edgar Cayce’s Apple Fast http://www.cayce.com/apple_diet.htm , plus what I discovered after being 5 days into my fast with: Steps to Preparing for Fasting & What To Expecthttp://tombeal.com/fastinghowto . Plus, here is my favorite book which is a daily reader that I audio recorded myself reading and listened to all week while walking: God Callinghttp://tombeal.com/godcalling

You may also enjoy my experiment that I did and took myself from 196 pounds with some chub to 168 pounds ripped in 60 days at: My Transformation Secrets http://tombeal.com/transform

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Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – Here is a friends reply with his hypothesis of the Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner schedule most just follow without any question:

“Don’t you think that breakfast lunch and dinner came from a time where people worked hard on the land (19th century) and you’d have one hot meal in the evening. Over time we had to work less (industrial revolution, 20th century) and could afford more, so the meals became disproportional to the activities we had to do. Then marketing came and made us want things, that we actually didn’t need at all. Back then days started before dawn and ended after dusk. In between you worked hard. You needed the food to perform and survive. That changed too. The abundance is a disease of our time. Just a thought.” My friend via FB PM

I have not done any research at all on this topic, yet feel my friend is onto a sound hypothesis. – Tom

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