Podcast #268: My Apology To You Mr. & Mrs. Elected Official

Message to all elected officials in the House, Senate, Supreme Court, & President


Excuse us for electing you. We unwisely projected that you should know what you’re doing.

Forgive us, for putting you in a position that you can’t possibly hope to be successful with the skillset that you have. Forgive us.

Forgive us for elevating you to a primally important effective position in our employ without properly preparing you to do the task.

Forgive us. We expect more from you, but we shouldn’t. What we expect is a lot from the position you’ve agreed to hold. So if you can’t hold the position to do what we expect, stand out of the way and let someone that’s better qualified do it.

We don’t elevate you beyond being a normal human being. The position doesn’t make you more. We expect you to make the position more.

You’re not suddenly wiser than everybody else because you’ve been elected. You’re simply agreeing to be more responsible than anybody else that isn’t elected.

We’re sorry for electing you. We expect you should be sorry for allowing yourself to get in a position of which you can’t do.

You’ve violated the trust that we had in your ability based upon what you told us.