Podcast #237: 4.5 Day Apple & Water Fast Update by Tom Beal

Tom Beal recently did a 4.5 day apple fast not for the weight loss but to ‘cleanse all toxic forces from any body’ as Edgar Cayce stated it in the early 1900’s.

He’s done this 3 day fast before but afterwards always went back to the bad habits of eating habitually, out of boredom, or social settings, and eating and drinking things that weren’t the best for his body, such as: alcohol, candy, sugar, coffee, etc.

But this time was different. Tom had an epiphany unlike any other time, which he shares in this video.

After watching be sure to post your comments below. Are you treating your body like the billion dollar machine that it is? What steps will you commit to taking to improve your movement, eating habits, and sleeping habits? All 3 need to be in order to maximize your bodies, physical, mental and emotional health