Podcast #236: 3 Simple Steps on How I Push Myself To Workout & Go The Extra Mile by Tom Beal

Tom Beal admits that he has been very sedentary the past 6 months or more, and shares 3 simple steps on how he prepared himself to go from zero activity to 1.5 miles, then 2.2 miles in 3 days. More importantly, these steps are something you can apply to begin preparing your self for a body transformation, push yourself and ensure you too go the extra mile, which is where the real transformation occurs…outside of your comfort zone.

Join Tom as he shows you his progress, and allows you to share your progress as well at: http://tombeal.com/transform

You’ll learn how he applied secrets he learned in the USMC, plus new technology and an age old proven method to stay true to his word, and push himself more than he could have done on his own, and how you can use these same tools to do the same, if you choose.

One of those tools is his Jawbone Up wristband and app which you can find more about at: http://tombeal.com/up

Tap into the power of public accountability today at