Today’s Message

Podcast #10: Online Success Through Step By Step Training Videos

Dan Kelly knows what it takes to succeed online and has gone a step further to create videos sharing how you can make money online too.

Podcast #9: Keanu Reeves from The Matrix or Keith Wellman?

Keith Wellman demonstrates a move made popular by Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. Watch out Keanu!

Podcast #8: Talk About Front End Marketing! Nothing Tops This Stunt!

As a marketer Brian Edmonson is always seeking new front end and back end strategies but never expected this while attending The Internet Marketing Main Event.

Podcast #7: Jeep flipped on side is flipped back to it’s wheels

Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal, Mike Ambrosio, Fabio Marciano, and John Hostler, went out for some pizza after a marketing night out and as we were literally ordering our pizza the guy jumped aside and yelled, call 911. We looked around in confusion and saw everyone running outside, when we went out there was a Jeep Grand Cherokee flipped on it’s side after being just hit in the parking lot/road. So I cell out my cell and video it being flipped back over a little later.

Podcast #6: Mike Filsaime Interview By Joel Comm – Caught on PDA Phone

Mike Filsaime caught briefly on video in his Long Island office the night prior to the launch of The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript as he is being interviewed by author of The Adsense Code, Joel Comm.

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