Tips to Remembering Names

Saw my friend from yesterday that I had the unexpected deep conversation with again this morning at the beach, sitting and watching the sunrise. As I walked up to him I called out his name (which is very unique and I’d never heard it before yesterday).

Hint: I saved it in my phone as there’s no way I would’ve remembered it had I not, PLUS he gave me a popular word that rhymed with his name when I asked for his name yesterday. 

Before he turned around, he said, “No way! Is someone calling my name? Is someone saying my name?”He stood up turned around with tears in his eyes and gave me a hug saying, “I can’t remember the last time someone has said my name. How’d you remember it?” I told him the way he told me yesterday using that other word definitely helped. Shared a hug, had a laugh and a brief chat. Great start to both of our days.

In today’s episode I share a couple tips and strategies you can use to remember people’s names to make their day, and help you NOT feel like an idiot for not remembering their name. LOL!

Make Today Great!

PS – How about you? Any tips or strategies you use that I didn’t discuss in this episode? Feel free to share them as a comment.