Podcast #298 Where Are You Settling? Now Is Your Time To Step Up

Got tingles on my arms while recording this powerful episode for you. Ask some tough questions which my hope is will push you out of your comfort zone to finally show your self, your family, your friends, and me, what you are truly capable of accomplishing in this lifetime. Future generations are counting on you. Are you ready?

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

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  • This is definitely a weakness of mine. What do I want? Or more precisely, where do I want to go as I’m presently quite comfortable?

    The challenge to get out of my comfort zone is a good one. Sometimes I wonder whether I’m so entrenched in it that I don’t even realize that I have dreams beyond doing good work on a day to day basis. It’s also a defense mechanism to failing considering I have tried to ‘change the world’ before and it has yet to change…

    But your point is well taken. In fact, I recall Jeff Bezos offering something similar, a regret minimization framework. You want to end in a place where you look back and have as few regrets as possible. You can do that in two ways. One, reducing your expectations and by accomplishing your goals. I am good at the former not so great at the latter. This is the kind of kick in the pants that I need to make progress towards creating and accomplishing those goals.

    I thought I would post my answers for my own accountability.

    Where do I see myself in 20 years?

    What will I look like? Like myself but 20 years older 🙂

    What type of physical shape? This is an area that I want to improve on. I am looking to increase my energy levels and increase how strong I feel. To that end, I have bought a fitness tracker and have been monitoring my activity levels.

    Mental? I never realized that I struggled with anxiety it really took me for a ride physically. My body literally shook for months and it took counseling, herbal remedies, and pharmaceutical drugs to resolve it. I have made it a habit to improve my mental well being scheduling reminders in my calendar to address certain issues and have done a good job to re-establish a workload that is both meaningful but also keeps me sane.

    Emotional? Same as above.

    Spiritual? I have been in a period of receiving financially and giving emotionally. I expect those pieces to equalize and lean towards giving in both. My relationship with God is strong, but my practice is hit or miss aside from reading the Bible, which I do every day. I have been meaning to read a book or two on prayer to better my prayer life. In fact, I’m going to add that to my New Year’s resolutions. I follow my New Year’s resolutions.

    Doing? Online marketing, public speaking, volunteering, and spending time with my family.

    Living? Hm, I just might be where I am now. I like my house. Nothing special about it except that I’m walking distance from the train and a coffee shop. I do like the idea of living in a city, but there are a lot of transaction costs associated with moving.

    Surround self with? Family and a select group of friends.

    Family? Same as above.

    Friends? Same as above.

    What am I doing with these people? Building and maintaining relationships with them.

    What’s a day in the life? Wake up and have a full, hot breakfast with a good cup of coffee. Call my daughter at college. Take the dogs out for a walk with my wife. Head down to the coffee shop and set up shop. Check in with my virtual team and review reports. Prepare for a speech. Have lunch. Take a walk and head home.

    Week in the life?

    Year in the life?

    What does bank account look like?

    Investments? I will have several million in a retirement account, but I invest most heavily in my business ventures and less in securities.

    Secure? I will be debt free.

    Money for others? Philosophically, I’m not so keen on paying for college. In fact, college may not be for them, maybe the military will pay their way, or maybe it will be free by then. Soon after 20 years from now, I will invest more heavily in my children as they are starting out life. I would rather give them money then when, God willing, I live a good long life and pass away during their prime earning years. That doesn’t do them near as much good.

    I hope to be a key part of the one charity both financially and otherwise serving on the board.