Podcast #295: 5 Building Blocks for Relationships That Last

In my commitment to assisting you in brining your health, relationships, and finances to new heights I fele called to share with you my take aways from attending my local church this past Sunday; which was pretty powerful for me to hear.


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“Hedges: Loving your marriage enough to protect it” by Jerry Jenkins

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Tom Beal


  • Max

    Tom…..You are always on time…..Thank you…And one more thing. BIG LOVE. Think about you always.

    • tombeal

      Glad to hear you enjoyed it, Max. Hope all is well. Look forward to catching up again sometime soon. Make Today Great!

  • Juanita Bellavance

    One thing people need to keep in mind is, if one is working toward improving themselves/their relationship flaws and the other isn’t, beware the gap that will occur. The one will become strong and the other will become more adamantly opposed to that strength. Best if both go through some relationship building together. If one won’t, that’s a pretty sure sign. imo : )

    • tombeal

      That’s a good point, Juanita. It’s like tuning in a radio dial. If you’re on different frequencies, there’s a lot of static. 🙂

  • These are great points, but I think #2 on fighting fair can be taken even further. John Gottman writes that criticism is unhealthy, and should be tempered with 5x as many positives, but my wife and I disagree; we think that ALL criticism is corrosive, and diluting it doesn’t fix the damage.
    Instead, once you have established that your core values align, and you are committed (your fifth point), then disagreements can be resolved every time without resorting to conflict.

    • tombeal

      Excellent point Phil! Thank you for sharing it. Make Today Great!