Podcast #292: Obliterate Perfectionism Quickly by Tom Beal

Have you ever suffered from procrastination due to perfectionism? If so, you’re in the majority, not alone, and are in for a results modifying treat.

This brief episode shares several quick & powerful messages to assist you in destroying the debilitating combination of procrastination and perfectionism, and ironically displays me applying what I teach as you listen. Enjoy…

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – Leave your feedback below as a comment. I see all and reply to most all. Tell me which of the quotes I mentioned in this episode resonated most with you.

PPS – Below is me reading Take Action Revise Later. Click on the name to go get your self a copy of it. Note: it was originally intended for my listening pleasure only, then Bob said I could share it with others, so the quality is NOT studio quality by a long shot. 🙂