Podcast #291: Power Of Your 5 Closest Friends by Tom Beal

In this episode you will learn how vitally important to your success and happiness your 5 closest friends are, and how to attract amazingly influential people into your life through local masterminds, live events and more…

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – Would love to hear your feelings about this episode. Post your feedback below as a comment. I see all and reply to most all personally.

PPS – Pic of today’s mastermind meeting brilliant minds:

Palm Beach County Mastermind


  • Walter Bayliss

    awesome – thanks Tom.

    • tombeal

      My pleasure Walter.

  • Leeswammes

    Thanks for sharing, Tom. I was wondering, do you have a program at the beginning of the meeting or do you talk about whatever comes up?

    I’m in two groups, one of people in my field of business (we met today!) and another group of small entrepreneurs from different fields, who all took one of more courses at Open Circles, so we have a similar mindset. The former is a free for all, and we share tips and stories. The latter is more organized, with each time someone preparing a topic to discuss with the group.

    I agree, it’s very useful, these meetings!

    • Leeswammes

      Oh, logged in as Leeswammes! I’m in fact Judith Henstra from the 60-Day Bootcamp group. 🙂

    • tombeal

      Hi Judith, We follow the Jack Canfield PDF format to the T (minus negotiating for time; we don’t do that).

      • Leeswammes

        I’ll have a look at that. Thanks!