Podcast #286: Missing Passport Adventure by Tom Beal

The email came saying it was time to checkin to my flight to Amsdterdam = Cool!

Go to get my passport from it’s normal location since 2006, and it is not there = Not Cool!

Here’s how this interesting evening unfolded.

Share a lesson that resonated with you from this interesting turn of events below in a comment.

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The Missing Passport Post

  • Hey Tom, I can soooo relate to this! Not quite as serious as your situation, but a couple weeks ago while visiting Rex and Tamara Harris, I lost $20 out of my pocket. I knew I last had it when we had been out to dinner. I checked pockets of pants, the bathrooms, suitcases, washer, dryer etc. With no luck. Tamara had also misplaced something and while checking her car for her missing item, she found my $20 bill in backseat of her car. This is a Great lesson in that the only time we truly fail at anything is if we quit.

    • tombeal

      So true!

      Typing this from plane in Detroit en route to Amsterdam. About to close doors and take off soon.

  • So glad you found the passport in the end! I had this thing with my (forgetful) mother, who couldn’t find her TV remote for days. A friend of hers had already “looked everywhere.” So, I thought, “Where is it definitely NOT going to be?” and that’s where I looked, and that’s where I found it. 🙂

    • tombeal

      Haha! Awesome!