Podcast #283: “Stop! This Isn’t How It Was Supposed To End.” by Tom Beal [NDE]

That quote is part of my statement as I was 1/2 way to the door with the bright white light emanating from it.

Listen in to hear the rest of my Near Death Experience in todays brief episode.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

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  • POWERFUL Story!!! Thank you so much for sharing, if this isn’t enough for people to realize that no matter what…. keep moving forward, NEVER Give up!!! Then I don’t know what else could possibly get them fired up and I would say they need a check up from the neck up. LOL

    • tombeal

      Thanks Jocelyn! Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Juanita Bellavance

    What inspired me was the arm around you and how deeply spiritual I perceive you to be, allowing that experience. I’m definitely glad I have crossed your path. I feel God moved me to respond to your offer on Memorial Day and to connect with you further after that. Glad you are still with us!

    • tombeal

      Thank you Juanita! Am thankful for our paths crossing, as well.

  • Thanks for sharing, Tom! Amazing how you managed to get back to normal after that horrific experience.

    If I’m honest, this didn’t grab me as much as one of your podcasts in the 60-day Boot Camp where the message was, do it now, do it now (whatever it is you want to do). But the message is getting there, one way or the other!

    • tombeal

      Thanks Judith! Appreciate your feedback.

  • Dapo Ski

    Holy Sugar Blossoms Tom, thank you for sharing what must have been a traumatic experience. i can relate directly to your story cos i too was involved in a one car (thankfully) accident and it rolled twice but thank heavens i came out shaken and with a small cut on my shin.

    Damn, the whole of your life really flashes by in a split second and all the BS falls to the side and u get instant clarity on whats important to you.

    All the best Tom 🙂

    • tombeal

      My pleasure, Dapo! Glad you made it out alright from your crash too.