Podcast #281: The Billion Dollar Purpose Test by Tom Beal

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren is one of the best selling books of all time due to peoples desire to learn their true purpose. In this podcast Tom Beal shares a process that only takes minutes to find your true calling in life at this moment. It has helped thousands and is here to assist you today. Enjoy!


Tom Beal’s “The Billion Dollar Beal” business card with inspirational message about synchronicity and lesson about your life purpose. Puts smiles on peoples faces throughout the world.

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  • Juanita Bellavance

    Trying to visualize beyond the “stuff” phase is not that difficult. As I discovered my life purpose, I was not about “stuff” until later when I woke up and realized, “Ummm, when will I get to drive the comfortable Mercedes I see the parents of my students driving, etc.” I wonder what percentage of us really know our purpose by age 12? I bet a lot. Something happens and we determine we want to make a difference about the type of thing that happened. I wanted to be a teacher because I saw almost a total transformation in the home life of my family twice. Once it occurred when my older brother had this particular teacher. And again a few years later when my sister had that same teacher. I knew my brother and sister were not the difference. It was the teacher that made the difference. I wanted to be so powerful as to make such a difference so I was going to be a teacher.

    In fact I have been a teacher most of my adulthood. And I’ve had tons of fun with it because I have been lucky enough to teach what are my truest passions, first music for many years and now both music and art.

    If I didn’t need to get paid I would probably still charge a fee. I have found that those who make some sort of sacrifice to learn tend to be the committed ones. I only enjoy teaching anything to someone who truly wants to know. Therefore I have enjoyed teaching more as an entrepreneur than in a classroom because then I’m only teaching those who raised their hand to say, “I want to learn that.”

    If money were truly no object I might like to buy and flip houses. What I enjoy most about that is to transform something tattered and torn into something beautiful that a buyer is thrilled to own.

    Also, for some reason I enjoy taking all sorts of classes. I would enjoy traveling to interesting destinations and participate in a music camp such as Maine Fiddle Camp or Steven Aimone’s art workshop in Maine. I like being around people who tend to participate in such events. I enjoy participating actively vs sitting in seminar lecture type settings where someone talks and I listen.

    I guess I would like supporting such activities so more people could experience these pure pleasure camps and workshops for adults. There are also awesome family camps where there is canoeing, ropes courses and more outdoor fun activities while music and art are big parts of the camps as well.

    I would love to see people experience what I experienced at the Sandy Island Suzuki camp last summer where violin, piano and guitar students gather for a few days of nothing but music making together from ages 3-4 all the way to college and adult levels. It’s a family experience on an island in the middle of Lake Winnipesaukee, NH. It was a few days of how the world should be but doesn’t know how to be. It was camaraderie, learning, playing games, socializing, community. It was people in action toward goals vs sitting around speculating about things in a rut on a sofa. Children were free to play and adults could relax while each other took turns watching the children. It was non-competitive and inspiring and positive, encouraging all to perform at their best regardless of their level. It was like a village in a way just for a few days.

    So in all of that, what is my life purpose? Hmmm… To set an example of living life fully I guess where gradually others are pulled along through the inspiration of knowing what’s possible and deciding to join in the happy fun instead of trying to destroy something. And for people to begin to think, “What’s age got to do, got to do with it?”

    Work is only work when you have no choice but to do it. When it’s what you choose, it’s play. Having money as no object just makes play out of the work I now do. And it’s already play, especially now that I only do it a couple of days a week and do what I want to do the other five days. No more burn out. Just joy.

    PS Hahahaha. I guess I thought if I kept “talking” I might finally answer the question. I guess the real answer is I’m not sure what I would do if I didn’t have to do anything in order to have food on my table.

    • tombeal

      Thank you Juanita for such an eye opening and detailed comment. My hope is many people will read what you put into words above and be inspired to think about what they would do if money were no object, and get as deep and real about it as you expressed. This journey is brief regardless of how long we live. Let’s make the most of it. Your best is yet to come! Make Today Great!

  • Hey Tom, This is a GREAT, simplified exercise that anyone can follow to help to find their purpose and how to start taking the steps necessary to get to where they want to be in their lives. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

    • tombeal

      My pleasure! Glad you found it valuable.