Podcast #241: Most Powerful Books & App I Found in 2013 by Tom Beal

Tom Beal shares with you the two most influential books that he found this year, plus an app that has truly made a huge difference in his life, in hopes that these can be as powerful and benficial for you in the upcoming year.

Be sure to share the best book you read, the biggest aha moment you had, or the best app you found to be helpful to you this past year as a comment below.

The two top books Tom Beal mentions are: The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz which can be located here:http://tombeal.com/fouragreements

and I Dare You by William Danforth which can be found here:http://tombeal.com/idareyou

And the app that Tom mentions is called: Audible which allows you to buy and listen to books at up to 3x speed.

Hope this was helpful, and look forward to reading your best recommendations and comments.