No More Lies

Each of us have our own journey and come to our own realizations in our own time. My response below was to a friend who was upset that others weren’t seeing the scenarios as he sees them…

It’s not their or our fault though. We all were born into this lie, like a child born into a family that “believes” in Santa. They’re raised to believe as their parents do, and parents continue on with the lie because “everyone else is.” It’s on the programming the child watches from birth. It’s everywhere they look, turn, see, and hear. Until one day a friend shared a secret, “I just found out Santa doesn’t really exist.”

Preposterous! Of course he exists. How could you even think such a thing?

Then you tell your parents about the craziness your friend told you and they continue with the lie and reaffirm you that of course Santa is real. Your friend is just silly, or messing with you.

But come to think of it, you start to realize the story really doesn’t add up to begin with.

Why would my parents, my grandparents, my entire family, and the entire world carry on with such a deception? That wouldn’t make any sense at all. Everyone can’t be in on it this sick lie. Are there meetings, or do people just go along with it because that’s just how it is and how it’s always been?

Santa is just the tip. We were all born into a system of lies and manipulation.

The programming all around us at all times (cartoons, children’s books/stories, TV (tell a vision), movies, songs, music, commercials, newspapers, news shows, magazines, iPads, phones, social media) that most all of our families played along with, to include the indoctrination of schooling (brainwashing the agendas masked as important “facts”) has it completely hypnotized and brainwashed for about 98% of the population. They still believe in their governments, the news, the corporations, and what’s being told to them. I mean, “why would they lie to us, and the world? Is everyone in on it?”

For the 2%, we see through the continuous propaganda and see it as completely manufactured nonsense all circling back to power, control, manipulation and money. We see where people are being led (and it has nothing to do with their best interests). We play along when necessary and are rebels when necessary. We share that “Santa isn’t real” with the world, and most label us as crazy, but some recognize the cracks in the continual lies as not adding up.

It’s all one big play. Theater of war is the elites favorite and most profitable game to play. Not so enjoyable for the pawns throughout history. But society has played along for thousands of years, up until now. The 2% are becoming louder and less fearful and more people are recognizing that war game as being not so fun and like Santa; all the lies are not adding up. No! We don’t want to play that game anymore.

That’s my dream anyhow. Enough of the lies and deceptions. Wake up world and say “No! As for me, I’m not playing this game of lies anymore.”

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal