My Talk With God

On my pre-sunrise walk this morning, I decided to record an audio as I walked home that started with a talk with God and transitioned into a talk with YOU. In this audio you will hear MANY important lessons from my journey which may be EXACTLY what you may need to hear NOW to assist you in taking your life and results to the next level.

Warning: you will hear a little external noise as I walk West from the beach up Palmetto Park Rd. here in Boca Raton, FL.

Am honored that our “Divine Appointment” occurred and as promised in the audio, below are a couple pictures of me meeting a few of my hero’s and mentors which began with me crossing paths with their audios 1st decades ago.

I look forward to our paths crossing again soon. If you haven’t seen the NEW training I created this past weekend yet, go check it out at: You’ll learn 3 simple steps to step out of your comfort zone continuously to achieve the life of your dreams, plus hear and learn about the Comfort Zone Expanders community.

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

Tony Robbins, Tom Beal, and Sage Robbins at their amazing resort in Fiji called Namale, for the first Oneness Blessing training conducted outside of India ever.
“The Redhead”, Zig Ziglar, and Tom Beal