Handle Chaos Like a Champ

Flat roller coasters are not a thing for a reason. Chaos is part of this journey we call life. All will be going amazingly well, then out of the blue, BLAM…unexpected chaos or craziness.

When you learn this simple strategy you will expect it, ​​embrace it, handle it calmly continuously and allow it to bring the best from within you (creativity, ingenuity, leadership, determination) to overcome it.

Learn to Expect Chaos – Expect to Get Kicked In The Nuts (Daily, Repeatedly, and Harder Each Time) is explained in greater detail in this brief audio podcast I created pre-sunrise on my morning walk at the beach (don’t let the minimal wind deter you from focusing on this powerful lesson).

Make Today Great!
Tom Beal

PS – Has life kicked you in the nuts unexpectedly, or is it just me? LOL! Leave your comments below about this episode and some hard shots you’ve taken and overcame. Your best is yet to come!