Today’s Message

Podcast #39: Tom Beal Post Run Extra Mile Tips

Tom Beal set a goal of running 3 miles today but at the 2.5 mile revised goal to 5 miles, wanted to stop at 3.5 miles but pressed on. Listen to some running and life tips shared after the run, plus #fail with Motorola Bluetooth S9 headset while running.

Podcast #38: Pogo Stick Showoff, Tom Beal, Has Karmic Payback

While Tom Beal was trying to impress his kids with his stellar pogo stick ability, he ended up getting hit where he didn’t expect to. That should teach him penalties of being a showoff.

Podcast #37: Tom Beal Mountain Biking with Mike Deiure

Good times plus scrapes and crashes on trails at Tryon Park, Rochester, NY

Podcast #36: Tom Beal Post Run Life Tips

After running 3 miles felt like sharing a quick video with tips on how I lost 20 plus pounds in 2 months.

Podcast #35: Post run tips

Loving that sweatband, right? 🙂

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