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Podcast #90: Dave Lakhani & Tom Beal Having Fun in FL

Tom Beal heard his friend Dave Lakhani was in FL visiting some friends so they meet up & next thing you know they’re both pushing around a perfectly functional Lincoln Navigator for a great & fun workout.

Podcast #89: 11 Leadership Principles. How Many Of These Do you Do? by Tom Beal

My friend Goerge Washburn reminded me of the 11 Leadership Principles after posting yesterdays 14 Leadership Traits. These are vital to being a top leader. See how many of them you bring to the table.

Podcast #88: 14 Traits of a Leader. How Many Do You Have? by Tom Beal

Tom Beal explains the 14 Leadership Traits as taught to him by the USMC. How many of these do you possess? Develop these traits & step up as a leader in your respective field.

Podcast #87: Are You Focused on Your Strengths by Tom Beal

Even one of the greatest athletes of all-time, Michael Jordan, knew that he was the best at basketball. He tried baseball and couldn’t cut it against the top athletes who were focused solely on baseball…even though MJ was better than 99% of baseball players. Are you focused on your strengths?

Podcast #86: Resurrect Your Imagination & Dreams by Tom Beal

Tom Beal shares how to treat today, the present, as a gift and to dream big and take daily consistent and persistent action towards your goals.

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