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Podcast #77: Are You a True Friend or Just a Digital Acquaintance?

In this Facebook Age it’s easy to be a digital acquaintance and forget what it really means to be a friend. Tom Beal challenges you to step up your friend game in this brief “Make Today Great!” video starting with a great quote from Zig Ziglar.

Podcast #76: How To Deal With Crazy People by Tom Beal

Cmon, we all have to deal with at least one crazy person on a regular basis, right? Tom Beal shares a thought process that will help you sleep better when dealing with the crazies.

Podcast #75: Bikram Yoga! Try it! Thank me later.

Tom Beal after a Bikram yoga workout.

Podcast #74: Live your life by design not default by Tom Beal

Tom Beal shares a quick tip on how you can live a life by design rather than one by default.

Podcast #73: Tom Beal’s 6 Hour Talk With God

Life is Stranger Than Fiction, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! Tom Beal shares how his 6 hour “talk with God” after being kicked out of the house by his Mom ended up reconnecting him with his ex-stepfather through wild twists of events that saved him from living out of his car in Manhattan.

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