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Podcast #17: Mike Filsaime & Tom Beal Present The 7 Figure Zone

The 7 Figure Zone by Mike Filsaime & Tom Beal is here to assist you in taking your business and life to new levels of success. Make Today Great! Tom Beal

Podcast #16: Crazy Wild Dance Moves

Check out this old dudes killer crazy dance moves at the Rocheser Lilac Festival.

Podcast #15: Tom Beal Presents My First Speeding Ticket at 35

How I got my first speeding ticket reduced from a 4 point infraction to a no point infraction. Make Today Great! Tom Beal

Podcast #14: Tony Robbins Date With Destiny

Tony Robbins Date With Destiny is about to begin, and here with my buddy Jason Moffatt. See what we have to say just prior to entering & stay tuned for more.

Podcast #13: Butterfly Marketing Assists This Author in Reaching NY Times Best Seller Status

Listen as Frank Rumbauskas, Jr. describes how his book reached NY Times Best Seller status quickly by implementing Butterfly Marketing techniques. See how and why at:

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